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Our references

- Commissioning and Qualification strategy

- Revamping of a sterile production workshop

- Laboratory equipment’s Qualification

- SCSE building Validation

- Suppliers inspection for critical equipments and installations

- Summary draft on project of laboratory CQ

- Follow-up and treatment of none conform tests

- BPF engineering training

- Utilities management quality (HVAC, steam, purified water)



- Laboratory equipments installation (washing machine, laminar flow, insulator, autoclave)

- PQ assistance on washing machine

- Commissioning assistance and HVAC, utilities, equipments qualification…




- Qualification, SAT / IQ / OQ on HVAC, purified water loops



- H2O2 decontamination

- Project assistance for buildings, process, utilities …


- Revamping of packaging vaccine workshop 


- Project assistance on project of production capacity extension

- Engineering of a washing machine

- AMDEC to chromatography stage, upgrading of software to chromatography…

- Audit of a pure steam generator

- IQ, OQ of a pasteurization system


- IQ / OQ “vaccine tank” and engineering on Mobile CIP 

- Mobile CIP for process tank

-C all for bid and technical alignment for purified water loop project

- Writing and execution of FAT / SAT / IQ / OQ tests on manufacturing skid

- Cleaning test on process tank


- FAT / SAT protocols for Stainlessteel equipments



- Replacement of a dust extraction system in a weighing ATEX area 


- Feasibility study of a bio production workshop 


- Validation main plan for a project of segregation zones between primary and secondary areas



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