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Our practical experience in both industrial activities and high containment laboratories enables us today to offer you a real knowhow in the understanding and completion of your project.


The members of our multidisciplinary team will bring you their expertise in various fields:



- Vaccines

- Veterinary products

- Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

- Proteins

- Cell therapies

- Sterile and injectable blood products

- Growth media

- Liquid and semiliquid extracts


- Low and high risk biological effluent


- Fermentation

- Cell culture

- Inactivation

- Filtration

- Crushing

- Sterilization

- Bioprocessing tanks

- Sterilization in Place

- Cleaning in Place

- Decontamination

- Neutralization & product characterization


- Production area

- Clean rooms

- BSL1, BSL2, BSL3, BSL4 containment labs

- New or existing buildings and rooms




- Soft water

- Cold water

- Hot water

- Superheated water

- Steam

- Compressed air

- Gas

- Waste water treatment



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